Telecare – from a therapist perspective

Minh TranClinical, Health Technology

When I first came across the term ‘Telecare’ I thought that the word was a combination of telephone + care, therefore Telecare. So I had this notion that it was care over the phone. I wasn’t too far off. “Telecare is support and assistance provided at a distance using information and communication technology. ┬áIt is the continuous, automatic and remote … Read More

HealthCare Platforms at Home

JoyjitAll, Clinical, Design, Engineering, Health Technology

Telecare and Telemedicine (or Telehealth) are already well-established forms of health and care delivery. However, only recently this seems to have come to more of a light as an alternative way of delivery of healthcare. But what are Telecare and Telemedicine? Telecare allows for the people to remain independent within their own homes. It reduces the dependency on caregivers, thus … Read More