HealthCare Platforms at Home

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Telecare and Telemedicine (or Telehealth) are already well-established forms of health and care delivery. However, only recently this seems to have come to more of a light as an alternative way of delivery of healthcare. But what are Telecare and Telemedicine? Telecare allows for the people to remain independent within their own homes. It reduces the dependency on caregivers, thus … Read More

Technical Note – Friction at Surgical Instrument and Bone Interface

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Jugal Parekh, one of JJD’s directors, recently published a technical note in the Journal of Engineering in Medicine. Click here to be redirected to the article page. The purpose of the research was to select the most appropriate material for the base of an orthopaedic surgical instrument, which is placed on the curved bone surface during the surgical procedure. The … Read More

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for Medical Device Design

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What is Finite Element Analysis? Finite Element Analysis (FEA), also known as Finite Element Method, is used in various industries such as aeronautical, automotive, biomedical, civil and structural. Although, finding stresses and displacements in geometries are the most popular applications, modern FEA software packages are routinely used for solving a variety of linear and nonlinear engineering analysis problems including fluid … Read More