We are JJD Innovations.

We are an innovation consultancy focused on designing and developing sustainable products, utilising the latest in technology and in-depth feasibility research, to integrate into our clients’ business strategy. Our expertise is developing medical devices, especially in areas of orthopaedic implants, rehabilitation devices, assistive technology, and surgical instruments. We can also work with you to develop and improve assistive technology healthcare services for better patient outcomes.

We take great pride in our work, and consider every client to be unique, tailoring our services to achieve a solution that best-fits their needs technically, emotionally and financially. The results of our services are facts-driven and ensure conformity of the medical devices to the latest standards and requirements of international regulatory bodies – FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) of the U.S.A., and the European MDD (Medical Device Directive).

We guarantee quality and cost-effective services in a timely manner. We understand that our services are employed for enhanced value-creation at your organisation and believe in co-creation techniques for truly effective and sustainable solutions. Our systems are flexible enough to correspond to your in-house design methodology and healthcare standards to allow seamless designing and documentation collaborations.

A team of innovating healthcare.

Our core team.

Our team is a mixture of academia and experience. We bring together creativity and practicality to ensure that your product is innovative and feasible. Our team comprises of individuals with diverse strengths but a common simple philosophy of doing good!


Rehabilitation & Design Engineer

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Medical & Design Engineer

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Occupational Therapist

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Key Skills

  • Engineering

    Effective and Safe

  • Design

    Form and Function

  • Human Factors

    Usable and Intuitive

  • Clinical

    Caring and Accurate

  • Rehabilitation

    Prescription and Provision

  • Therapy

    Occupational and Assistive

  • Research

    Thorough and Reliable

  • Technology

    Innovative and Feasible

  • Markets

    Global and Localised

Research & Design

We employ various research techniques to ensure that the needs of every stake-holder is compiled. We believe that every successful product is backed by robust research.  We can analyse your device and make sure it complies to various standards including the European Medical Device Directive, FDA and international standards. Detailed engineering analysis of your medical device may also be carried out.

Design & Development

We love to discover or invent solutions to meet the requirements and specifications of a new idea. Working in multi-disciplinary teams, we follow a total design approach and consider the needs of every stake-holder from the manufacturer to the regulatory body to the health-care professionals to the user.

Clinical Services

We can provide Rehabilitation Engineering & Occupational Therapy consultancy for provision of assistive health technologies including posture & mobility services and assistive technologies, through clinical assessments and provision of wheeled mobility, wheelchair special seating and controls.

Health IT

We work with our collaborators to design and develop smart healthcare systems to enable better healthcare services. JJD brings in domain expertise to the Health IT projects, and is able to document and control the development process, just like a medical device, as and when required.

How We Work

A successful product is based on the needs and wants of the consumer. The consumer can vary from the purchaser to the end user. We will analyse the needs of the market and the wants of the consumer, through a combination of strategy and research to help discover your product, services and innovations. We will ask the right questions to produce the right answers.